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Post by julia » 02 Apr 2019, 09:58

I want to add a WHERE condition if the variable is not set to "none". I am trying to combine two case statements in one SELECT WHERE statement in MYSQL. It tells me that there is an error in my SQL but I couldn't find any answer on the internet. This is my code:

"SELECT * FROM `restaurants` WHERE
WHEN '$type' != 'none' THEN `type` = '$type' END
WHEN '$cuisine' != 'none' THEN AND `cuisine` = '$cuisine' END
WHEN '$location' != 'none' THEN AND `location` = '$location' END
WHEN '$price' != 'none' THEN AND `price` = '$price' END ;"
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Post by Mr. MacKenty » 02 Apr 2019, 17:57


So if the user DOESN'T choose an option, you want the choice to be none. Is that right?

I think you can test, using php, if the value is empty. If the value IS empty, then you can assign a wildcard character, which would select ANY restaurant of that type. For example, Let's say I ONLY choose a cuisine (greek) but I leave everything else blank. Your program should return every single greek restaurant in Warsaw, right?

Here's some UNTESTED PSEUDOCODE that might be helpful to get your thinking started:

Code: Select all


if empty($_POST['location']) {
     // if this is true, it means there is no value for location.
     // so we set the value to the wildcard character, which means select everything
     $location = "*";
} else {
     // aha. If we are here, it means THERE IS a value for location, so let's set it:
     $location = $_POST['location'];
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