treehouse challenge- String Formatting with Dictionaries

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treehouse challenge- String Formatting with Dictionaries

Post by Jake » 12 Nov 2018, 18:59


In treehouse, I'm currently at the part where dictionaries are introduced. Completed the challenge, but I don't really understand the whole "unpacking and packing" dictionaries thing, so I don't know if the code I wrote does that, or something else. It works, but again, I'm confused.

Here's the task:
You've used the string .format() method before to fill in blank placeholders. If you use a placeholder of {food} in the string, then you pass a keyword argument of food to .format(). The {food} placeholder in the string will be replaced with the value of the food keyword argument.

Complete the favorite_food function below. It accepts a dictionary as an argument. Your function should unpack that dictionary and pass it to the format method as keywords, then return the resulting string.

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"Hi, I'm {name} and I love to eat {food}!".format(name="Kenneth", food="tacos")
# Returns "Hi, I'm Kenneth and I love to eat tacos!"
And here's my code:

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def favorite_food(dict):
    name = dict["name"]
    food = dict["food"]
    return "Hi, I'm {} and I love to eat {}!".format(name, food)
#favorite_food({"name" : "bob", "food" : "pizza"})

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