GUI using TkInter

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GUI using TkInter

Post by Lea » 26 Nov 2018, 20:56

I have a question regarding the complexity of adding a basic GUI to my IA program using the library TkInter. I did a course on Treehouse, however, I did not have any prior knowledge on how to use classes and things like

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class Org:
    def __init__(self, master):
    	self.master = master
        self.mainframe = tkinter.Frame(self.master, bg = "white")
        self.mainframe.pack(fill = tkinter.BOTH, expand = True)
    # more code - calling functions
        def build_grid(self):
        self.mainframe.columnconfigure(0, weight = 1)
        self.mainframe.rowconfigure(0, weight = 0)
        self.mainframe.rowconfigure(1, weight = 1)
        self.mainframe.rowconfigure(2, weight = 0)
      # more code - defining functions
or defining functions that call themselves. Could you enlighten me on whether there are other ways of integrating GUI or what exactly these segments of code represent?

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